We create memorable brand experiences that inspire, educate and entertain audiences.

Consumer behavior has evolved in recent years. The public now expects to be offered strong, immersive and authentic emotional experiences. It is by delving into the heart of people’s habits, passions, preoccupations and opinions that brands will be able to shine and develop in a sustainable way.

Founded in 2007, we are first and foremost a strategic and creative agency specialized in culture and experience. We leverage our expertise to enable brands to interact with audiences and their interests through our four areas of expertise: experiential marketing, sponsorship, brand content, and digital experiences.

"Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them; and sometimes it's an ad."

Howard Gossage

Experiential Marketing

In a hyper-connected world, everyone needs to have face-to-face emotional experiences. We bring brands to life through integrated marketing communication campaigns where your audience can see, hear, touch, and sometimes even taste and smell your brand. Whether it’s a booth, pop-up, customer event, PR or store, our team is constantly striving to go beyond the norm to deliver extraordinary experiences.



We strongly believe that sponsorship is not just about impressions and media exposure. It’s about creating moments that allow your brand to prove its promise. Whether it’s a sponsorship strategy, operational management or an activation campaign, we work with both cultural organizations and sponsors to maximize the impact of partnership actions.


Brand Content

Consumer expectations for content are higher than ever. Entertainment, innovation and interaction have become the hallmarks of exceptional content. Our “experiential content” approach aims to bring your brand to life while reaching audiences in a richer way. Combining creativity and excellence in execution, our studio thinks and creates each piece of content with three objectives in mind: creating buzz, changing perceptions and sparking conversations.


Digital Experience

The world has changed, we now experience life and interact with people and brands both online and offline and often at the same time in a natural “phygital” flow. Therefore, in addition to our experiential marketing activities, we leverage technological innovations and the power of storytelling to bring your brand to life through fully virtual experiences.



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