Video Mapping

An artistic and technological fusion that transforms every surface into a living canvas, offering immersive and unforgettable visual experiences. Let us bring your ideas to life and dazzle your audience with spectacular projections and captivating stories.

  • Architectural projection (exterior and interior facades)
  • Immersive dinners
  • Object projection

Lighting design

Meticulous expertise where light becomes the language of your story. We master the subtle art of highlighting each moment statically or dynamically, facilitating the creation of captivating, immersive content.

  • Static or dynamic lighting design
  • Sound and light shows

Immersive videos

Beyond simple videos, we create immersive content both for exceptional event venues (giant screens, 180° screens) and for interactive experiences (360° videos).

  • 360° video experience (3D animations, 360° design, etc.)
  • Motion design
  • Immersive multi-media content creation (multiple screens)


Where the real and virtual worlds meet, we also work on holographic design to capture your audience’s attention while offering them a unique interactive experience.

  • Holographic propellers
  • Scenic hologram
  • Pyramid hologram

Sound experience

A powerful immersive experience requires more than careful visuals; it’s about immersing the audience in a complete audiovisual environment. In partnership with the Wavestudios agency, we develop sound experiences designed to captivate and strengthen the bond with your audience.

  • Creation of immersive sound capsules (binaural, Dolby Atmos, interactive sound)
  • Creation of customized sound experiences

Olfactory experience

We design complete multi-sensory experiences by amplifying audiovisual and, eventually, gustatory experiences through olfactory diffusion. In partnership with Aromwave, we anchor your brand through olfaction in memorable sensory experiences.

  • Creation of olfactory experiences
  • Olfactory design & diffusion strategy for events

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