Sponsorship strategy

We strongly believe that sponsorship is not just about impressions and media exposure. It’s about creating moments that allow your brand to prove its promise.

Based on detailed analysis and in-depth market knowledge, we support brands and rights holders in developing their partnership strategies in Switzerland and Europe.

Our proprietary methodology starts with the analysis of your marketing objectives and brand identity in order to develop a partnership strategy on 4 axes: image, business development, research and expertise, hospitality.

Our expertise is mainly focused on the following territories but can be extended as needed:

  • Tennis
  • Music
  • Museums
  • Soccer
  • Art & Design
  • Dance
  • Humor & Entertainment
  • Field hockey
  • Sustainable Development
  • Motorsports
  • Skiing
  • E-sport
  • Gymnastics
  • Professional events (B2B)

Operational management

We act as an outsourcer of sponsorship activities for both brands and rights holders.

From the complete management of your partners to specific activities (hospitality, partner activation plan, etc.), we provide you with our expertise according to your needs in the most efficient way.

In the interest of transparency and impartiality, we do not charge a commission on partnerships.

  • Creation of partnership offers
  • Negotiation of contracts and optimization of rights
  • Participation in new development projects
  • Administrative and operational management
  • Co-creation of annual activation plans
  • Reception, hospitality and on-site management
  • Drafting of measurement and performance reports

Sponsorship activation

The public is looking for lively, vibrant and authentic experiences. We develop sponsorship activation campaigns that go beyond simple media visibility, creating a real emotional link between the brand’s and the right holder’s universes in order to maximize the impact of your actions.

Whether your sponsorship activation campaign is at the heart of your brand strategy (integrated marketing communication) or whether you wish to develop a one-off campaign, we are at your disposal:

  • Creative concept
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Experiential marketing
  • Digital campaigns
  • Hospitality
  • PR

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