Experiential content

Consumer expectations for entertainment, innovation and interaction are higher than ever. As a result, content has become the core of interactions and must be exceptional.

Our approach is based on the creation of experiential content. This means content that enables, embodies, or extends the brand experience in order to reach a wider audience in richer ways, to create buzz, to shift perception and to spark conversation.

Experiential marketing

We believe in a simple truth: it’s not what brands say, but what they do that matters. Now more than ever, it’s the experiences brands create that make the most compelling connections between products and consumers.

Live, digital or hybrid, they come in many formats but are always based on inspiring stories to captivate audiences wherever they are.


In recent years, fan expectations have evolved. Brands now need to legitimize their presence by giving depth and authenticity to their actions. More than just a media visibility tool, our fan-centric approach to sponsorship allows brands to create engaging experiences while earning its seats in the stands.

We act as an interface between brands and rights holders by covering all aspects of your partnerships: identification, evaluation, negotiation, management, measurement, optimization and activation.

Founded in 2007, we manage the sponsorship activities of various brands and enjoy privileged relationships with different rights holders:

  • Sports clubs
  • Sports federations
  • E-sports
  • Music festivals
  • Cultural events
  • Sports competitions
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Museums
  • Philanthropic partnerships
  • Professional events (B2B)


Building experiences that showcase B2B products or services requires a unique approach. It’s not just about focusing on engagement and interaction, but also about the challenge of educating and convincing other professionals. Thus, a specific strategy must be put in place in order to strengthen existing customer-client relationships and turn potential customers into buyers.

Events, booths, trade shows, we develop B2B experiences that allow our clients to build deep and lasting relationships while positioning themselves as a reference in their field.

Hybrid events

Specialized in brand experience and content creation, we know that the power of face-to-face physical engagement is unique. However, sometimes it’s not possible for everyone to experience it physically.

Whether your primary audience is physical, digital or both, we help you tell your story through original and impactful events that will get people talking, leave them with lasting memories and create a real sense of community.

Two experiences should never be the same, which is why we never repackage an experience that was meant to be live. We reframe it for an audience who is in an entirely different mindset, and location.