Zurich Insurance wanted to develop their B2B clients by generating new leads allowing them to highlight their skills and comfort their leadership positions in Switzerland.

The solution

Based on the company identity and positioning, we set up a business alliance between Mercedes-Benz and Zurich Insurance to organize an event. The concept was not only about allowing them to acquire new customers but also retaining their existing customers.

In order to position the two companies as “business partners” of their customers, we developed a speed dating for SME managers, which allows them to develop their business during 1h30 of 2 minutes meetings ending with a cocktail.

The event was held in a Mercedes-Benz dealership for an ideal exposure of the brand’s vehicles and meetings were held in cars to reinforce this experience.


This event, which was part of a more global collaboration with Zurich Insurance, was used as a tool to develop not only the direct prospects of the two companies but also to retain existing customers. In the same time, the two companies increase their brand awareness and perception.


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